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Wanted Health Insurance Agents

About Company As a Religare Health Insurance Health Planner (Agent), you would be working with one of the most trusted and reputed private health insurers in India, who offers a rewarding career with strong emphasis on professional growth, personal development, and monetary benefits. At Religare Health Insurance, we help you accomplish your dreams, while you […]

abcd rhymes

29 Popular Nursery Rhymes For Kids in English   Nursery rhymes square measure a fun thanks to move with children and facilitate their language development. browse them sort of a story in rhyme, or sing along. Either method they’re many fun. My children love these nursery rhymes, and that i am certain your children can […]

Lakshmi Ashtottara Shatanamavali

    108 Lakshmiji Names Ashtottara Shatanamavali of Goddess Lakshmi     No Name Name Mantra Name Meaninga 1 प्रकृति Prakriti ॐ प्रकृत्यै नमः। Om Prakrityai Namah।     Nature 2 विकृति Vikriti ॐ विकृत्यै नमः। Om Vikrityai Namah। Multi-Faceted Nature 3 विद्या Vidya ॐ विद्यायै नमः। Om Vidyayai Namah। Wisdom 4 सर्वभूतहितप्रदा Sarvabhutahitaprada ॐ […]

sree sainadhastakam శ్రీసాయినాథాష్టకము

sree sainadhastakam  శ్రీసాయినాథాష్టకము పత్రి గ్రామ సమాధ్బూతం ద్వారకామాయి వాసినం భక్తా భీష్టప్రదం దేవం సాయినాథం నమామ్యహం   మహోన్నత కులేజాతం క్షీరాంబుధి సమే శుభే ద్విజరాజం తమోఘ్నంతం సాయినాథం నమామ్యహం   జగద్దురణార్థం యో నరరూప ధరో విభుః యోగానంద మహాత్మానం సాయినాథం నమామ్యహం   సాక్షాత్కారం జయే లాభే స్వాత్మాన్ రామో గురోర్ముఖాత్ నిర్మమం పాపఘ్న తం సాయినాథం నమామితమ్ నరసింహాది శిష్యాణాం దదౌయానుగ్రహం కురు భవబంధాపహర్తారం సాయినాథం నమామితమ్   ధనాఢ్యాన్ చ […]

Telangana Government Recruitment 2018

Telangana Government  Recruitment 2018   Telangana Government  Recruitment 2018 Free Job alert for both Fresher and Experienced Candidates updated on August 20, 2018. Get Direct Official Link for applying Government of Telangana Recruitment 2018 along with current Government of Telangana Recruitment official Notification 2018 here.   Job in Government of Telangana Recruitment 2018 Junior Lecturer […]


Online News papers The Hindu News  The Hindu News  started in 1878 as a weekly, became a daily in 1889 Best circulation of above 20 lacks copies The Hindu’s independent editorial stand and its reliable and balanced presentation of the news have over the years, won for it the serious attention and regard of the […]

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